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February 13, 2008

Disseminating Ron Paul


Herein is presented a summary of A Foreign Policy of Freedom 'Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship' authored by Dr. Ronald Earnest Paul, published in 2007.

The purpose behind the dissemination of Dr. Paul's message to humanity, in a quick and simple presentation, is accessibility to a profound message. While Dr. Paul provides an unrelenting inspiration against the temptations of wealth and power, it is often difficult to make sense of his seemingly outrageous philosophies of nonintervention, sound currency and individuality. Thus, I present his message condensed so at to make it accessible to a mass audience -especially to anyone interested in Liberty.

While every attempt has been made to retain the original intent of the author, discrepancies may arise; these I hope will be discussed and debated, slander is undesired. Students and supporters of the good doctor, as well as every member of humanity, are invited to share and comment upon these efforts. Only through discussion and analysis can we extract the substance behind these philippics against inconsistency and immorality.

Regardless of how the current 2008 Presidential Campaign results, the vibrant message of Dr. Paul cannot pass into the shadows, least we hope to proceed further into tyranny and manipulation -today or in the future. For this reason, it is important we all familiarize ourselves with our heroes message, for only truth can set up free.

V. Perez

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