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February 13, 2008


Personal Note

Dr. Paul's involvement in politics began in 1960s after reading Friedrich Hayek's, The Road to Serfdom. Studied Austrian economics, especially Ludwig von Mises; explains how central banking & government intervention undermine middleclass & injure poor through inflation & business cycle in market economy. Breakdown of Bretton Woods pseudo-gold in 1974 confirmed Austrian predictions. Ran for Congress in 1974, entertaining little hope of victory, yet felt important to express himself.

Lost race but positioned to win election one year later. 1976-1984, served four years; serving on Banking Committee dealing with monetary issues. Early 1980s, served on Gold Commission -era of stagflation.

Concerned with protection of individual liberty, private property, free markets. Primary focus on economic policy during first Congressional tour, with time learned economic policy [especially deficit financing] & monetary policy interrelated with foreign policy & bad economic policies.

During Reagan years, realized how special interests with bipartisan support drive policy of foreign intervention. Troops in Lebanon & Granada; financial aid to Nicaragua; weapons to Iran & Iraq; military assistance to Osama bin Laden & Saddam Hussein; bomb Libya -for reasons other than national security. Events motivated Dr. Paul to speak out more frequently on foreign affairs and vote [often alone] to make point: follow constitution & advice of founding fathers, stay out of affairs of foreign nations.

Foreign intervention cannot be separated from economic concerns; deficits, inflation, taxes. Current trend towards world government, globalism, managed trade, institutionalized world financial system [fiat based] controlled by industrial-banking-political elite.

Move towards political globalization contrasts free markets, free trade, commodity money; ushered in era challenging national sovereignty & traditional borders.

New World Order permits sanctions, tariffs, privileges for politically connected interests. Trend endangers liberty, sovereignty, prosperity, peace.

Book collection of statements made over 30 years starting in 1976. Wrote & spoke less during 12 year hiatus [1985-1997], still interested in studying case for noninterventionism. Publicly opposed Persian Gulf War, 1991; consider Iraq war continuation of conflict.

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