Dr. Paul.Feb13,2K8

January 17, 2006

Freedom of Choice

Nothing gives absolute freedom. Materialism sustains us in the state of desire and choice. It would be ridiculous to deny materialism, for matter supports the whole universe and is the only truth a man may successfully defend. The metaphysical is a delusion of the dreamer; heaven and hell are retreats away from the infinite. Although choice provides us with power, that power is ultimately limited. Choice is not so much a freedom as so much a claim to matter. One can decide to buy in or sell out, conform or rebel, to exist or cease –however, there is no escaping the necessity to matter. I might believe that choice is a drug, a manner in which we can accept the infinite and believe our decisions weigh in on the outcome of the universe. As if the sun cares whether earth spins or burns. To provide an immediate example, one all aerobic life can appreciate; I give you the necessity to breathe. We are dependent on the lucid matter of our atmosphere. To believe we can escape this world and travel away into space is preposterous as we would require an infinite air supply to do so. This innate dependence creates human capabilities, or at least defines our potential. When we have nothing, tied down by nothing we are ultimately free. At this point, we become infinite. So perhaps we cannot attain complete freedom, complete infinity, but who says we cannot try? We can do this by denying those redundant decisions, like buying into a fad or complying with cultural demands that fail to improve society.

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