Dr. Paul.Feb13,2K8

January 16, 2006

Stature of Man defined by Class:

Society is organized into a triangular prism: the masses supporting the cohort, the cohort supporting the ideals, the ideals supporting the faith. Perhaps I’ve taken this concept too far into the metaphysical, but I do believe in this system so I shall essay my belief. In all civilizations, from the ants to the Aztecs, there are the peasants [Masses], those that defend [Cohort], and finally those that provide the purpose [Head of State]. It has also been a common human device to include an additional chaste, those that philosophize [Ideals]. These men are above the workers, for they elicit the dreams that all common man encompass; yet, they fall short before those that defend for a dream can only exist within a world where it is allowed to develop and grow –it is this world which soldiers defend. The Head of State admires these men, the thinkers and the defenders. It would even be acceptable to state that the most righteous Head of State is one who thinks and defends. Now as I’ve mentioned, this system of society is build with one group supporting the one above it. This being so, the Head of State cannot exist without the masses, though it is feasible that the masses can exist without ruler. If this is so, then what purpose does Head of State serve? -To unite and inspire greatness. Ramses built the pyramids, Caesar constructed the forum and Napoleon inspired the Arc du Triumphe: all these are monuments to greatness. Not only to the Head of States that built them, but also to the masses that supported them.
All in all, a man of esteem and wealth may fault and blame destiny. He may purposely err & claim validation in the name of the human progress –at success a God is born, at failure a tragic hero lived.
On the other hand, a peasant it limited to the success of birthright. He may err, but there is no heaven awaiting him. He may even accomplish great things, but this is no promise to immortality. A great man he may become, yet forever he will remain but a child of God.

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