Dr. Paul.Feb13,2K8

January 16, 2006

On the destiny of Man: Part Three

No god said, “Let there be man”. It was man himself to divide the weeds from the flowers, classified and elevated the homosapiens a rank above all other creation. Yes, it was we, with our over blown ego that decided bacteria were germ and locus a form of pestilence. With that said, would it come to any surprise that God may not have created us in his own image, rather we devised God in our own reflection. There have been human traits attributed to gods, as well as to those beings so inspiring that we, for but a moment, believed they must have been conceived of divine blood. It seems inevitable now that man would become part of that holy pantheon as human creation grew beyond the control of nature: when buildings could stand longer than forests, when a page of text could inspire millennia, when a name could stand face to face with Kronus [sp?]. If the spirit resides in memory, then the afterlife does not exist somewhere transcendent, it only exists in the minds of the future, where no natural force can erode but merely scatter. To achieve immortality would not be to sit amongst the citadel with Christ; it would be to exist forever within the hearts and minds of those who came after. Reincarnation then could occur at any instance, when your spirit influenced a single soul or a nation. How elusive immortality is. Genealogy can become corrupted and foundation forgotten. With such a simple loss of history gods fall as easy as flowers during hail. So maybe we humans aren’t much different than flowers, we both bloom brightly seemingly of godly nature yet we both crumble with the grace of dried sandcastles.
….point being, the only significance of god is to boost our silly egos or simply to justify our measly existence. Very sad.

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