Dr. Paul.Feb13,2K8

January 16, 2006

Of a Man with Place on Earth, a tiny spot in Space:

Can you ever claim your freedom, ever truly own domain? If I could afford it, I would buy out the heavens and live in between Venus and Mars. I would fence in a range to herd asteroids, allowing them to graze on the Milky Way. My garden would grow in the fringes beyond Neptune. If I could live forever, I’d bottle air and fly a rocket into space. Journey out to the closest nebula and sit to enjoy the show. With enough time on my hands perhaps I’d retrace Magellan’s steps, except on a grander scale throughout the universe instead. Throughout my travels, I would collect souvenirs from every quadrant. Not for scientific study, but rather for whom ever held my heart's desire. However, if she had left before I returned, I’d return them all so that no one could have them. I’d own a little cottage here on earth of course, hidden within the Galapagos. Room with a turtle, and write the greatest oceanic tale ever known. My inspiration would be a ride upon a whale’s behind, journeying to the depths unknown except by sonar. Who never dreamed of silly fantasy? We all do. The real divider between men is realization, who will actually achieve. Now these dreams of mine are too far-fetched, more realistically I long to find a glimpse of truth hidden beneath a crust of imagination. To have a place to call my own; a shanty out in Fiji or a castle in Constantinople both hold a certain charm. It’s not deciding whether to be a peasant or a prince, the question is would I rather be free or enslaved.

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