Dr. Paul.Feb13,2K8

January 17, 2006


I have a tiny issue to discuss on the difference between morality and justice. After starting into Spartacus I uncovered an aspect of Order, hegemony if you will, which I have failed to recognize thus far. Justice is not a matter of right or wrong, instead it deals with the maintenance of social order. The law makers don’t heed the voice of Morality; otherwise there would be less pollution, less waste, more empowerment towards the equality of all man. The charter of rights is not an equalizer of man; it is merely a declaration by democrats to attain as many votes from as many sources as possible. Morality rides on the coat tails of Justice, weighing down the cumbersome beast sufficiently enough as to keep it from flight. For if justice could soar, it would take off with the bourgeois high upon it. Morality is the light of righteousness, not making its decision based upon class, race, creed or gender. Morality shines within the soul of all, which empowers the force, yet with the corruption of man, it also stains it. In the time of Adam and Eve, morality only knew light. Shadows had yet to cast their fearsome shade upon the soul of man, and it was good. Then, with the dawn of original sin, morality took its present form, a liquid force from which we arise and also the path on which our future will ride forth. To leave on a note of discussion, justice is the decree of the strong over the weak, Hegemony; whereas morality is the soul’s cry for righteousness. The problem lies with the substance of the soul, whose ignorance cannot fully comprehend the depths from which right and wrong arise: Perhaps due to the fluctuation of the universe or rather a simple stain left at the fall of man.

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