Dr. Paul.Feb13,2K8

January 16, 2006

On the destiny of Man

We all run an inevitable course throughout our birth, life, death and thereafter. That’s not to say our life’s fate is sealed within an unfaultable design, error and action are too strong a force to deny us all a unique and unpredictable experience. Rather we are all connected into the immense infinite known as Eternity. Our tangible and delicate bodies consist of the same properties with which all other matter, throughout the universe, is governed. The fundamental elements that construct our bodies occur within the most delicate flower, most vicious beast, even those cosmic entities light years away. This essential detail submits us all into the discourse of life and death, a reality even the Gods must kneel before. Our entrance into existence is the outcome of a process common in all mammals, embryonic conception. On a larger scale, our existence is the outcome of chaos and chance. Gravity brought our planet together, tectonic movement along side atmospheric development designed our environment, evolution introduced us… and then the Greeks civilized us. Thus, if our birth is of no special concern [neither our death nor decomposition], where do we find substance? God.

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